Slumlord Nation


Everyone deserves a decent place to live.

      There are many rental property owners that rightfully deserve the name slumlord.  The deplorable conditions in which they allow their tenants to reside is truly unconscionable.  Charging maximum rent while providing, minimal, if any, repairs possible is not moral.  It is a shame that people or corporations like these do not value their tenants, their own property or for that matter their own self-respect. For those that are making a  profit on the rental property, it is a reasonable expectation that they would maintain their rentals in an adequate, satisfactory state where they, themselves, would feel comfortable to reside.

    On the other hand, there are landlords who, through some misfortune, are unable to maintain their properties in satisfactory state. Due to illness, raising mortgage interest rates, astronomical vacancies, failing health or personal tragedies, etc, some landlords may not be able to financially and / or physically care for their properties.  They may want to maintain the property: running in a respectable fashion.  Unfortunately, they may ultimately lose their property to foreclosure or condemnation. 

     When we purchase a property which is a 'slum', we are the Lords of that slum. We, of course, do not allow the property to remain in the dilapidated condition.  We begin, immediately, to repair the property; to make it fit for occupancy.  These photos and videos tell the story of our adventure in finding, renovating, renting, unfortunately sometimes evicting, clearing out apartments and dealing with the drama of living in a SlumlordNation.

Slumlord Nation Sizzle Reel

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